What Should You Know Installing Basement Bathroom

The idea to add a bathroom or additional rough plumbing for your bathroom installation in your finished basement can not only expand the usable square footage and improve the value of your property. Besides, the basement is a below ground space, means that installing basement bathroom or shower, a toilet or sink can require more handiwork than for basic plumbing and can become a serious undertaking. The cost of running new bathroom can dominate your budget, so set priorities and decide where to splurge and where to save. Costs for installation a basement bathroom are the same as for an upper level one, however, the concrete foundation, running water lines and providing drainage make it absolutely different.

Installing a new basement bathroom means new rough plumbing bathroom installation. There are a few options that can differ depending on your space. If your home was built above the sewer lines, then rough plumbing for your bathroom installation can be attached in the same way for upper level bathrooms.

In case if a home’s sewage pipes run above the level on which the basement is built, then there are two other possible systems from which a homeowner can choose in order to install basement bathroom rough plumbing. The first is an up-flushing system that relies on various tubes to push used water into the main sewage line. The other idea is a sewage-ejector system. These systems work like a septic tank as they are enclosed in a container that sits beneath a toilet.

Digging into the foundation of a home requires knowledge about how to provide venting for a drain and avoiding other water systems which could cause future leaks. If installing basement bathroom rough plumbing requires going beneath the concrete, it is better to consider the opinion of a professional contractor.

In addition, before installing basement bathroom or shower make a cost estimation of the project to set a budget. It can be a daunting challenge, if you are not familiar with construction estimating. The only option is to ask a contractor to quote the price. Bathroom plumbing installation is the most expensive area of your project. Actual costs will depend on conditions, job size and size options.

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